A Day in the Life of Grant Rogers

The boys and I were able to do something SO FUN today.

We met Colista’s husband, Grant!!!!

It was pretty awesome.

He showed us the plane he flies…..(while Colista is at home sighing)

walking out

Yup, that is snow. :)

getting in

little man

caleb in the cockpit

steps going down

And after the flight we of course had to go to……

2 dozen type of day

And let me tell you it was definitely a two dozen type of donut day!!!!

donuts in a box

two men and their donuts

Grant and his donut

all for colista

This picture is ALL FOR YOU COLISTA!!!! :)

Like I said, it was so fun to actually get to meet a fellow adoptive parent in person!!!!  My first one. :)

And it couldn’t have been a nicer guy.

We had such a wonderful time….

And, to top it all off, I think I’m going to get a cell phone out of the deal.

Cause the weather was pretty bad in Denver, making the traffic pretty bad on the way home….and I had no way to get a hold of poor Mike.

So….I think he’s planning on looking at cell phone plans for me first thing tomorrow morning. 😉

Ha….Krispy Kreme, Grant, a plane, and a cell phone all in one day.

Couldn’t be better!!!

You Will Thank Me for This

I made this oatmeal last night, and it is already GONE.

oatmeal casserole

The picture is seriously at a funky angle…but I promise you the recipe is the real deal.

Absolutely incredible.

I did use a 9×13 pan, because I do not even know what a 10 by 7 pan looks like…nor do I own one….

therefore my cooking time was about 5 minutes less than what they said…

I think I cooked it for 25-30 minutes.

I also used cinnamon instead of Chinese 5 spice.

Other than that, I followed the recipe to a T.

asparagus mushrooms-2

In other news…..I joined a gym today.

Notice I said, “joined.”

I haven’t actually worked out at “said gym”, but tomorrow I will start.

I really joined more for the sauna….but then I saw it was a co-ed sauna, and I’m not sure I’m really into that.

But my friend Amber and I are going to work out together, so it should be SUPER fun.

I am also trying to eat better, therefore the picture of my lunch today.

We’ll see how long that “eating good” thing lasts…..because I ate good all day today and I’m still tired.

I know….it probably takes a long time to see the effect…but those who know me, know I am VERY impatient….so if I don’t see some massive energy coming my way soon, it is definitely back to brownies for breakfast.

Not that I really eat brownies for breakfast all that often…..but I may have twice last week.

Because they are really yummy first thing in the morning….

Mike's feetAnd….

Speaking of exercise, those are Mike’s feet after a round of Jiu Jitsu.

Gross huh?

My feet will NOT look like that after I work out at the gym.

They might look like prunes, from being in the whirlpool….but no cuts, for sure!


And lastly…..I have been praying up a storm today.

Hope that those meetings in “I” are going wonderful, and we all get our kiddos home super quick!

Okay, I may have laughed to myself at that last line……but a girl can dream right?


Getting There

caleb taping

There’s big brother, taping the walls, so he can paint the trim.

I love the fact that he has painted so much of V’s room.

mike painting

The two of them have been at it all day.

It’s close to being finished.

Mike’s finishing the ceiling as I type, and Caleb is taking a break from the closet, but I think we’ll crank the rest out by tomorrow.  (we….ha ha…like I’m doing any of it.)

Then, it’s on to our room, because as soon as we (see how I snuck that “we” in again) finish our room, we can get carpet!!!!


And then I can finally put her bed up.


I bought the cutest polka dot sheets for her last night.

I can’t wait until she’s sleeping under them!




Black and White Thursday

I’ve been obsessed with black and white photos lately.

You’ll probably recognize these pic’s, because most of you have seen the color versions of them.

elijah and Ruthie kissing black and white

I really love my dog.

A lot.

Probably more than a normally sane person would.

Mike and the boys frequently wish they were the dog.

Elijah at orthodontist

This is Elijah at the orthodontist today.

He humored me by allowing me to take about 100 pic’s of him there.

But he’s squirmy…and it’s hard to get sharp pictures of squirmy kids.

I wish you could hear me when I take pictures of my kids, it sounds something like this:

PLEASE stand still, c’mon it will only take a second.

OPEN YOUR EYES.  (hence the reason I always get shots of Elijah bug eyed)

Just one more, really.

elijah holding ipod ruthie pic black and white

Ahhh…he melts my heart.

Even when I find out that he has ruined every single one of my wrapping paper rolls by using them as swords.


Every single one.

The ones I went out at 5 a.m. in the morning to buy, the day after Christmas.

The ones that match all the new ornaments I bought for the Christmas tree.


Those ones.


He really is lucky he’s so darn cute.

Caleb on stairs black and white

And this one is just growing up too fast.

He is taller than me now.

That is just crazy!!!


In other news….I really need to start on my picture book for V.

I think I’ll put those last 2 pictures in it of the boys….but I’ll do the color ones. :)

I’ll leave out the one of Ruthie and Elijah kissing…..

I am also reading the BEST BEST BEST book right now, which I highly recommend.

It is called, “The Effects of Praise.

I know…I’m always recommending books….but seriously…..it’s so worth it.

I am still fighting off sloth like you wouldn’t believe.

It is so bad I even started looking up police departments in warm climates, because I am laying the blame for my laziness solely at winter’s feet.

Therefore, I have been begging Mike to apply for San Diego.

It isn’t working.

Poor guy….I don’t think he wants to go round 3 with the police academy.

Twice is enough.


Oh….and Happy Valentine’s Day, ya’ll.

Today is a special day for me…..

My birthday is November…..so if you do the math….well, you can figure out what Valentine’s Day is…..  (hee hee hee)

I posted that on my Dad’s FB wall today…..

I’m a pill.

Remember to pray for the meeting in Ind*a!!!!!!!

It is February 19th and 20th.

Seriously hoping for some March and April movement on NOC’s.