Ticket to Ride-2030With playing games.


Ticket to Ride 2-2031Especially this one.

Ticket to Ride.

As a family, we are just in such a weird waiting season, that spending time together and playing games has been such a blessing.

Bingo 2-2039You could even say, I’ve become slightly obsessed.


Bingo 1-2037


I may have bought this Bingo game, along with over 100 extra Bingo cards.

We could have a serious Bingo party at our house.

Anyone want to join?



2 thoughts on “Obsessed

  1. Well, I’m not a big game-player, but I have always wanted to play Ticket to Ride. It is a geography game and geography games are definitely my favorite sorts of games. Of course, I’d just like to join you so we could hang out together. I could watch you play BINGO.🙂

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