One of the Gifts of Adoption

Leslie and I-2068


I have said it a thousand times before, and I will keep on saying it.  One of the greatest gifts the Lord has given me through this process (besides so much more of an understanding of Him) is people.  I have met the most AMAZING people in this journey.  People who live all over the U.S., who cheer us on, and pray for us, and support us in so many ways.

Leslie is one of those people.  I met her right in the beginning of our process.  She has consistently been someone who has walked through some really hard times with us.  She would send me the absolute most hilarious emails to cheer me up, when things would get hard.  (She really could be the next Erma Bombeck.)  But, what was always so special to me was all the time she would spend composing them, when I know she had so many other responsibilities begging for her attention.  And how could I ever thank her enough for all the times she would listen to me on the phone, crying….wondering if V would ever make it home.  Her words always encouraged me to fight one more day.

So, you can’t imagine how ecstatic I was when Leslie booked a flight to come visit me.  Every day was like torture waiting for her to get here.  I did so much planning of all the places I wanted to take her, and all the things we could do.  And we did a lot of them.  We ate Indian, Mexican, and Cajun food together, went to the movies, went thrift shopping, played games, watched more movies at home, ate pizza, and talked and talked and talked…..  It was FABULOUS.

But what was the best for me was finally meeting someone who had become one of my most important lifelines.  And how insanely blessed I felt that she would take that time away from her family to spend it with me.  Every second was precious, and I will cherish it forever.

Thank you, Leslie.

I love you.




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