Life While We Wait


We are just trying to keep busy around here.

But in a really wonderful way.

Everything is just exciting.

My mind is constantly (and I mean CONSTANTLY) thinking about Ind*a.

I’m thinking about what I need to pack.

(I may or may not have already bought travel size toothpaste for every one in the family.)

What it is going to be like when we travel.

And daydreaming ALL THE TIME about V.

photo album V-2047

I mailed her photo album off a few weeks ago, but I don’t think it made it there yet.


I am nervous it got lost.

But that’s okay, even if it did, making a new one will just give me something to do.  :)

I also have been keeping busy by learning how to make some foods that are really prevalent in the area V lives.

spices in pan-2085


Sambar….or Sambhar.  Not sure the right spelling.  I’ve seen it both ways.  :)


spices in coffee grinder-2094


sambhar masala-2098


vegetables for the sambhar-2100



And with the Sambar I also tried my hand at making dosas.




Not perfect.

But I hope with practice I will get better.  :)

Anyway…..I keep telling everyone that if I was independently wealthy I would totally vacation this entire waiting period so I could distract myself during this time.

But, since that is not a possibility, I told Elijah tonight that we will institute a new subject into his homeschooling.


And we will write out detailed plans of what we would do if we could vacation in certain parts of the world.

I figure it’s the next best thing to actually going.

And for all those who are still reading…….

The next step in our process is we are waiting for our court affidavit.

That should be coming in about another month or two.

After the court affidavit it will take probably another 3 months to get our court date.

So….hopefully we will travel this summer.


Until then, I will be vacationing in all sorts of exotic locations……in my head.

Elijah's hands wrapped around pillow-2066


And I leave you with my massively cute boy.


feet Elijah and Ruthie-2081


And dog.





6 thoughts on “Life While We Wait

  1. You are such a good nesty momma!!! You’re making me so excited too!! Hey, is V’s room done? I think I remember you had bedding but I can’t remember if it’s all put together, painted and stuff?

  2. Lynda says:

    The Sambar and Dosas look delish, Mer!!! You did a great job and I bet they taste wonderful! I think V. will be so spoiled when she finally gets home.:)

  3. Brett Costigan says:

    It feels kind of similar to the high, beautiful, intense experience of the season of being engaged and awaiting the wedding day, but different. There is such an anticipation of the life to come with the gift of God who will change everything in the Crosland life.

  4. Thank you for sharing all of your Indian cooking skills with us while we were there! Love you and praying that you don’t have to wait much longer for your precious girl.

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