The Post You’ve Been Waiting For……

Finally, the long awaited blog post.  Well, I suppose long awaited for the very few who choose to actually wade through this of mass of words.

Our time in India was incredible.  Absolutely incredible.  I really fell in love with the people of India.  And it is a gorgeous place.
I know we were silent on the adoption front while there, but we just had to be.  Our case got a tad bit too popular for some peoples’ comfort, and we really wanted to honor those who did such an incredible job on our case.  So, those of you who are adopting from India, no need to fear that you need to shut down your blogs or go rogue when there.  It was very specific to us.
While in India we were introduced to probably one of the most incredible people we have ever met in our life.  His name is Raj, and he was the biggest lover of God you could imagine.  He took us to his church while we were in Hyderabad, and it was by far the best experience our family had while in India. To see a church so alive to God… passionate about spreading the gospel…..and so obedient to God by helping the widow and the orphan.  Well, it was humbling to say the least.
And Raj himself was just this incredibly missionary minded man, who was so humble, and generous and kind.  He took us around Hyderabad, showing us the local sights, feeding us the BEST food….introducing us to his family.
It was hard leaving Hyderabad, because we never know if we’ll see him and his family this side of heaven.  But it was so incredible getting to know him while we were there.
On the adoption front things are pretty much a cake walk.  I keep telling other adoptive moms that I feel like I have survivor’s guilt, because things are just easy for us.  Vedika has melted into our family like she has always been a part of it, and yes I have seen some adoption issues, but they are SO SO SO SO minor, and easy to deal with, that I don’t feel like I’ve “joined the ranks” of other adoptive parents yet.
NOW…..when I say that, I don’t mean that everything is just easy all the time.  I can tell you about my own selfishness and difficult behaviors.  ha ha ha.  But just not Vedi’s.
There have been a few times when I thought I was just going to die if I had to stay in a hotel room with my family for ONE MORE SECOND in India.  I LOVE people, and Mike always disagrees with me that I am an introvert.  He thinks I’m all extrovert.  But that’s really not true.  I need quite a bit of time alone.  So, having no time alone has been pretty trying for me.
Now that we are home I definitely have more space to myself…..but not tons.  We spend a lot of time with Vedika, and that has been SO GOOD for bonding. And if we aren’t spending time with her then we are spending time with our boys, so I have gone from having TONS of free time, to having almost none.  That has not been easy for me.
I didn’t realize how hard that has been for me until Mike and I went out to our favorite Mexican restaurant last night.   I had been having a really hard day, and as soon as I saw our favorite waitress (who is also now our friend) I literally burst out into sobs.  Not just little tears rolling down my face.  SOBBING TEARS ON HER SHOULDER in front of the cook and all the patrons of the restaurant.  Mike was mortified.  He was like, “Um, do we need to go home?”  ha ha.  I said, “No, I need my bean burrito.”
Anyway……even though adoption wise I feel like we are on easy street, I still at least wanted to let you know it’s not like I’m just doing 100% okay all the time.  I am tired.
But, we just have so many blessings, it’s amazing.  Mike is still home for another month.  And since it is summer we have NO obligations that we have to do, so we can just stay home and play with our kids all day.  What a total joy and blessing that is.
Mike’s mom loaded our freezer with ready made meals, so that has been so easy for us.  And friends have given us gift cards to restaurants, and brought over meals.  Vedika knows A LOT of english, so we don’t have many communication issues at all.  We are really close to being on U.S. time again, so that’s awesome!!!!  The boys are a HUGE help to us, and play with Vedika, (and even watched her for our very quick Mexican meal last night).
And lastly……at the moment we have NO adoption debt.
We had a lot of people give us $ toward our adoption.  While in India we had NO IDEA what our $ situation was like.  So, once we got home I did all our bills, etc., to find out that we literally JUST made all our adoption bills, with a little left over for groceries.  Nothing in savings……etc.  Just what we needed to live off of until Mike’s next paycheck.  All I could do was praise God.  One, for providing so well.  And two, I just LOOOOVE the fact that we can tell every person who gave us $ that NONE of it was used for us.  It truly truly truly all went to our adoption.  That feels really good.
So, while there is SO MUCH more to praise God for, and to tell all of you.  This is all the time I have to write.  Please forgive spelling mistake, and grammar.  I am way too tired to try and write well…..and it doesn’t come naturally to me anyway.  ha ha.
I love you all.  And am SOOOOO thankful for all your support.  I couldn’t have made it these last 3 years without you.  To know it’s really over……that is more joy than I can possibly tell you.  It literally makes me want to spend every spare second with God.  Except, I don’t have many spare seconds.  ha ha.  But still…….I am in awe of Him right now.  And love Him more than words can express.
P.S.  No pictures, because I think I’m posting enough on FB.  ha ha.  Y’all are going to unfriend me soon.

3 thoughts on “The Post You’ve Been Waiting For……

  1. YAY!!! So good to hear. I hope you do post pictures on your blog sometime soon for those of us who don’t get to see them on Facebook. 😉 So happy for y’all!

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